Biography by year:


The band was founded in November in Cartago Costa Rica with the BlackMetal genre defined.



The name “Ancient sphereS” was inspired by the mystic ancient stone spheres found south of Costa Rica. This year some original songs were composed and all instruments recorded by Adolfo.



On February 1st, Ancient sphereS was released with the digital EP called “Cold Winds from the North... Stacked in the Deepest Woodlands”. Five songs composed and recorded by Adolfo in all instruments with two lyrics by Jorge and three by Ron V.Li.



The first LP called “Tales of Suwoh” is released in digital format with ten new songs written and recorded in all instruments by Adolfo with Jorge in vocals. This LP was promoted in Europe under the “Ancient Worship European Tour 2013”. The first live show for Ancient sphereS was on August 9th at the Marktwirtschaft Halle Germany. In November “Ancient sphereS” arrives to Mexico for one show in Ciudad de México and then Puebla being part of the Norwegian Mayhem’s “Pure Fucking Armageddon Tour”.



In January, the band performs in Costa Rica at the "Alajuelita Metal Fest III" and "Holocaust II". “Legion Fest” in Panama City and Boquete Chiriqui in Panamá, "Under Black Metal Fest" in Costa Rica, "Ancient March to Isengard" in Guatemala City, "Oxidente Xela Rock Metal Fest 2014 3rd Edition" in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, "Independence 2014 Metal Fest" tour in Honduras and El Salvador. In October continued in Costa Rica with “Spirits of Death Over Costa Rica Liberia” and “Spirits of Death Over Costa Rica San Carlos” and “Apocalipsis XI”.



The LP "In Conspiracy with the Night" was released in CD format on August 20th by Satanath Records and More Hate Productions in Russia. This album includes 11 tracks and 4 bonus tracks for a total length of 77 minutes. The "In Conspiracy with the Tour 2015" begins in October with “Total Destruction Madness” in San Jose Costa Rica and then in Mexico beside the Norwegian band Gehenna touring for Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Monterrey, Puebla, Toluca and Mexico City. In November, the EP “Under the Spell of the Spheres” was released on CD with 4 remastered songs with alternative lyrics including 2 cover versions of the Norwegian bands of Mayhem and Immortal.



"In Conspiracy With theTour 2016" continues with "Unidos por un Hermano del Metal" in San Jose Costa Rica and the "Black Metal Fest III" in Panama City.



​In September, performs in the "Baphomet Fest VII" with Ancient from Norway and in the "Infernus Fest I", both events in San Jose, Costa Rica.


The "In Conspiracy with the Tour 2018" starting with four Colombian shows: "Ancient sphereS" in Cali, "Armament Cult XII" in Manizales, "Blasphemy Black Metal Ritual" in Medellin and "Blasphemy Ritual Armenia" in Armenia, playing with the Finnish band Behexen. Back in Costa Rica performs in the “Under the Wings of Darkness & Blasphemy III” and then in the “Infernus Fest II” in San José.


“In Conspiracy with the Tour 2019” starts in July in San Pedro Costa Rica at the “Kvlt Prods Presenta”. Then performed two shows in Guatemala City at the “Ancient sphereS Live in TrovaRock” and also in the “Monster Metal Fest” in Chimaltenango. Back in Costa Rica, in September performs at the “Kvlt Prods Presenta” with the Mexicans Gersuva in San José.



Due to the global crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the band suspends activities, dates abroad and enters a creative process where on December 4th releases the EP "The Trve Rehearsals" in CD format containing material included in the video under the same name that would be released on the 9th of the same month.



The new album “Prayers of the Black Flame” was released on Feb 15th. This album was produced between October and December of 2020 and released by Vacula Productions Ukraine in Europe, Green Revolution Prod in Colombia and Gate of Horror Prod Perú for South America. This album consists of 10 new songs for a length of 52 minutes.



The return to the stages beggins in February for the “XXX Aniversario de la Fosforera” in San José Costa Rica. For South America, in July the band toured to Colombia in Bogotá, Pereira and the “Tribulación Fest IV” in Medellin. In October, the band performed live in TV show Sonidos Siniestros Metal TV in México and three more shows in Hidalgo, Mandragora Metal Monsters and Walpurgis Natch in CDMX. The final show for 2022 was the BoneBreaker in San José Costa Rica in November.


Bio Updated: Dec 2022