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Studio Productions

"In Conspiracy with the Night"
2015, LP 77min, 15 Tracks

“Under the Spell of the Spheres"
2015, EP 40min, 6 Tracks

“Tales of Suwoh”
2013, LP 59min, 10 Tracks

“Cold Winds from the North...
Stacked in the Deepest Woodlands”

2012, EP 22min, 5 Tracks



"Costa Rica Metal"
2019, San Jose, Costa Rica

"Burning in this... Hellish World"
2018, Medellin, Colombia

"In Nomine Satanas American Centralis Collectio II"
2018, San Salvador, El Salvador

"Central American Black Metal Conspiracy MMXV"
2015, San Salvador, El Salvador

"From the Shadows Vol II"
2015, Bogotá, Colombia

"Torn Flesh Records vs Stillborn Twins Records"
2013, Portland, OR, United States of America


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